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Victron Battery Protect

Victron Battery Protect

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The BatteryProtect is designed to disconnect the battery from non-essential loads before the battery becomes fully discharged, which could potentially damage it. It also prevents the battery from being drained to the point where it no longer has sufficient power to crank the engine.

The BatteryProtect operates in a uni-directional manner. It can only handle current flow in a single direction - either from the battery to a load, or from a charger to the battery, but not both simultaneously. The current is only permitted to flow from the Battery terminal to the Load terminal. When used with a load, the battery connects to the Battery terminal, while when used with a charger, the charger connects to the Battery terminal.

This unidirectional functionality and terminal-specific current flow helps ensure the BatteryProtect can effectively protect and manage the battery's charge state, preventing harmful over-discharge while facilitating proper charging.


  • Max. continuous load current: 100A
  • Peak Current: 600A
  • Operating Voltage Range: 6-35V
  • IP Rating: IP67 (potted)


  • Alarm output display 12 seconds
  • Protects against excessive discharge

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