Bluetooth "SolarApp" Connectivity Issues

Known Connectivity Issues

If you are experiencing connectivity issues with your Bluetooth device, it might not be the device. Google and Apple OS software updates in November and December of '22 caused our SolarApp to cease functioning properly.

To resolve this issue, we launched a brand-new app called FUTURELINK on December 15, 2022.  For your convenience, we are posting the links below to both the Google Play Store and the Apple Store so you can download the new app, install it and be back in operation in no time!

The new app offers more utilities and functionality over the former app, so we hope that it better meets customers' needs and expectations. 

Choose your link below:

If you have any questions about, concerns with, or bugs to report in the FUTURELINK app, please do not hesitate to contact our tech support division at 574-262-3688 x 115.

Thank you.