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Discover 12v Lithium PRO 120Ah Battery

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Discover Lithium PRO LiFePO4 batteries feature a high-current internal BMS, rapid 1C charge and discharge rates, and the ability to charge in cold temperatures starting from -4⁰F. Independently tested for safety and performance, they can operate continuously in a partial state of charge. Maintenance-free operation, 100% depth of discharge, and up to 10 times the lifespan of lead-acid batteries, Lithium PRO batteries also offer convenient features like a status LED and a LYNK Port for parallel connections. Easy plug-and-play installation and scalability of up to 20 batteries (30 kWh) make them an excellent choice for enhancing any system.

Chemistry: LiFePO4
Open Circuit Voltage: 12.8 Volts
Nominal Energy: 1.54 kWh
Rated Capacity: 120 Amp-hours
Maximum Voltage: 14.6 Volts
Charge Temp Range: -4°F to 113°F
Length: 10.2 inches
Width: 7.1 inches
Height: 10.7 inches
Weight: 30.4 lbs

Optional connection cables and LYNK port are SOLD SEPARATELY.
Connection Cable
Tee Connection Cable

Discover Lithium PRO batteries utilize an exclusive high-current battery management system (BMS) that provides exceptional peak power, as well as rapid 1C continuous charging and discharging rates. Additionally, they incorporate the innovative COLD CHARGE feature, which allows for charging in cold temperatures starting from -20⁰C / -4⁰F. These batteries have undergone rigorous independent testing to meet the highest safety, performance, and transportation standards. They outperform traditional lead-acid batteries by offering the ability to operate continuously in a partial state of charge (PSOC) without any degradation in performance.

Lithium PRO LiFePO4 batteries are hassle-free, offering a 100% depth of discharge and an impressive round-trip efficiency of 99%. They also provide up to 10 times the lifespan of deep-cycle lead-acid batteries. Equipped with a convenient status LED and a LYNK Port, Lithium PRO batteries allow for the connection of multiple batteries in parallel. The BMS can communicate seamlessly with a LYNK Gateway, enabling real-time optimized closed-loop communication.



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