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Victron Cerbo GX

Victron Cerbo GX

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The Cerbo GX is a versatile communication hub that takes remote monitoring to new heights. With a wide range of hardware connection options, it can be customized to fit your specific needs.

The Cerbo GX empowers you to monitor and control your system from anywhere, at any time. It is designed to be a versatile centerpiece that seamlessly integrates with your other Victron connected products as well as supported third-party devices. Gain mastery over remote systems through real-time monitoring, historical data analysis, remote access and control via the Victron Remote Monitoring (VRM) portal and VictronConnect app. Alternatively, you can connect a GX Touch display for direct, onsite management.

With its abundant possibilities, the Cerbo GX puts the power firmly in your hands, allowing you to optimize and oversee your system with unprecedented flexibility and control.


  • Supply Voltage: 8-70 VDC
  • VE.Direct ports (always isolated): 3
  • VE.Bus (always isolated): 2
  • Resistive tank level inputs: 4
  • Temperature sense inputs: 4


  • VRM remote monitoring
  • Integrates with MFDs & NMEA 2000
  • Optional waterproof touchscreen

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