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Victron GX Touch 50

Victron GX Touch 50

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Product Information


The GX Touch 50 is a premier display accessory designed for use with the Victron Cerbo GX. The 5-inch touchscreen interface provides an instant, comprehensive overview of your system, while also allowing you to swiftly adjust settings with the tap of a finger.

Featuring a sleek, waterproof design, the GX Touch 50 connects to the Cerbo GX with a single cable, enabling a straightforward installation process. Its top-mountable setup and compact form factor offer remarkable flexibility when creating a crisp, uncluttered dashboard interface.

By seamlessly integrating the GX Touch 50 with the Cerbo GX, you gain immediate, hands-on control over your system's key parameters and configurations - all through a responsive, user-friendly display. This combination elevates the Cerbo GX's remote monitoring and management capabilities to new levels of convenience and efficiency.


  • Display Resolution: 800 x 480
  • IP Rating: IP54 (without connection)

Spec Sheet


The GX Touch 50 comes with:

  • Protective plastic cover
  • Necessary mounting hardware